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In-Control AS is located in Sørlandet Kunnskapspark in Kristiansand. We provide competent advice and services in the fields of Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Quality Management and Social Responsibility.

We analyze risks, challenges and problem areas and deliver solutions, including documentation, systems, coaching, and training. We perform realistic and practical first aid courses including the use of defibrillators.

Background and competence:

  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) in Norway and internationally
  • Performing and leading roles in technical, public and private businesses
  • Fire service, rescue service, first aid and accident prevention and damage
  • Scuba diving, wilderness life, including instructor skills
  • Military Special forces
  • Electrical, building and infrastructure expertise
  • Interaction with different cultures, values, attitudes
  • Handling of serious accidents, damage and rescue / evacuation
  • Risk assessment in a practical and sensible manner
  • External environmental work, green change, sustainability
  • Collaboration with various players in Health, Safety, Security, Environment

Our Visions:

We are a dynamic, solution-oriented and knowledgeable company that wishes to contribute to value creation for other businesses by managing tasks that we are good at for them, so that they can spend their time and energy on what they are good at – not everything else.

We wish to contribute to a good, active and safe existence for businesses and individuals, and to ensure that we take care of life, health, environment, quality and values ​​in a practical and manageable manner.

Our Values:

Dynamic – Positive – Flexible – Serious – Humble

  • We work hard and go a long way with all tasks and challenges
  • We are proud of our work and we do our utmost to help our customers to the best of our abilities
  • We take control of complex situations and help our customers to take control of their everyday business and lives
  • Individuals and businesses should be «In-Control» on what’s most important – life, health, the environment, good quality and material values.